My great-grandfather was the piano player at the Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax in Hollywood [CA.]. I have his candelabras that lighted his fingers as he improvised. My grandmother was a classical singer. She produced operas – wrote the parts, hired the orchestra, sewed costumes and rented out the Wiltshire Ebel Theatre.

When my mum met my dad, who was becoming an English Professor, she moved to his Canadian hometown. She had a long career singing with the Canadian Opera Co. in Toronto.

I grew up on the edge of the woods in Hamilton, Ontario. I walked to school through the trees. My first real job was in radio – I worked at Q107 and the CBC in Toronto and then went to art school at Emily Carr in Vancouver [BC] and OCADu [Ontario College of Art and Design University. After being diagnosed with cancer, my mum moved back to Los Angeles for treatment. I followed, and sadly she passed soon thereafter.

That’s when I started writing songs. I’m currently recording again in my Los Angeles home. When I record songs, I imagine them being listened to with the radio close to your ear, late at night, like I did when I was a kid. I divide my time, as I always have, between Canada and L.A. I love the contrast between the city and the forest. I’m always sad to leave wherever i am but the reflection of where I’ve been and the anticipation of where I’m going, stretches my perspective. I learn so much traveling between worlds.