Lynn Rosenblood is a Canadian artist dividing her time between Los Angeles and Nelson, British Columbia. She was raised in Hamilton, Ontario by her Opera singer Mum [Canadian Opera Company] and English professor Dad [McMaster University]. Lynn's grandma was an opera singer and her father Lynn's great grandfather was a composer and played piano for the silent movie house on Fairfax blvd.

Lynn has an English degree from the UWO and worked as a radio producer at Q107 and the CBC in Toronto. She then earned a BFA from Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in Vancouver. Lynn moved to LA to care for her Mum and after she passed, Lynn was called to make music so she could express what needed to be. On moving to L.A., Lynn studied dance and continued exploring art through improv and performance. 

Lynn has written the music and lyrics for two CDs. Producer Jonathan Meenk filled in the parts and pieces that Lynn would dream up. By adding the mixing brilliance of Mark Howard, the projects were complete. 

Rosenblood performs her songs in L.A. and Nelson. When asked to describe her work, Lynn said, “when I record songs, I imagine them being listened to with the radio close to your ear late at night” – like she did when she was a kid.

Lynn’s day, no matter what, has time for tweaking a chord or nudging a lyric. She has written and is ready to record a third batch of songs. “So many layers,” as Rosenblood says, “It’s like freezing lasagnas.”